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DSCC 2011 @ Caesar Palace in Vegas

We would like to thank each people we met at DSCC – Dassault Systemes Customer Conference – in Vegas last week, and we hope they all enjoyed our demos.

In the heart of DS ecosystem, 3D California was presented as a specialist in interactive 3D and augmented reality applications and devices.

Attendees could discover 3di6, our brand new solution designed in collaboration with Immersion, our friends from Bordeaux. 3di6 is a new category of immersive experience room for collaborative and life like 3D content. We will communicate more on this new product very soon.


At DSCC 2011, 3D California was proud to present for the first time in the US a demonstration of LASTER Technologies’ Optical See-Through Glasses – a device ready for new kind of augmented reality applications that
enable the end-user to have a hands free experience while his real vision is enhanced – not a video, his own natural field of view – with information and interactive 3D content. Thank you Zile for your key participation !

Special thank to our client Blu Homes who was presenting at DSCC Key Notes and mentioned our collaboration on some of their initiatives leveraging their CATIA V6 assets. Blu Homes’ online 3D Configurator is a great interactive applications for the sales team and for consumers to virtually build and discover their dream home before purchasing it. www.bluhomes.com

Thank you Dennis !

The fun thing is : thanks to the picture, a couple of people asked us if CATIA V6 was running on Mac … … but Blu Homes 3D Configurator does ;-)

Being a sponsor at DSCC 2011 was a great experience allowing many interactions with DS clients and DS ecosystem of partners.

We are pleased to share with you those few things that happened in Vegas and that were Not supposed to stay in Vegas :-)

Have a great week


iPhone & iPad App Published !

Dear Friends,
we are proud to invite you to discover Jones Lang LaSalle first app for iPhone that provides easy access to key real estate information from around the globe.

Let us know how you like it !
And if you need a cool iPhone app … Corporate apps or Augmented Reality apps, or Games …

we’ll be glad to help you !



Total Immersion elected as one of the 7 technologies that will improve your life

Pride is an essential part of a sales job. Being proud to deliver products of services that can change the way people live is a major incentive in a sales guy everyday life. But when it comes to 3D software and products, pride just reaches a new dimension.

3D application vendors are not just regular vendors. 3D apps vendors sell apps that change the way we live. Applications that change the way you live.

Remember, for example, CAD/CAM software ? Such 3D applications have revolutionized the automotive and aeronautics industry. 20 or 30 years before, designers would have to spend hours on paper and pen to create products, engineers would spend days to manufacture those products based on drawings, support engineers would spend month to test products before the sales process begin. In these industries, 3D has just changed the way it goes, from design to manufacturing and support.

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Improve the shopper experience thanks to augmented reality

augmentéRASurimpose information from computer to visual fied in real time become a reality in Japan. The goal is to improve and enriched the shopper experience. Several firms are testing such devices.
Toppan Printing Co Ltd provide a dedicated terminal, allowing for example to improve signage and items information, or even to locate a store around. It’s very simple : the consumer has just to show his product in front the Terminal cam, which recognize the product package and return a 3D augmented display of the product with its description.
Supplementary application making the link between physical and virtual world : the QR code technology
You can shoot the QR codes with your mobile phone and you have just to show QR at camera (the one of the Toppan dedicated terminal) to get, some samples of associated product.

Other example with Sony Music Communications Inc and Sky&Road Co Ltd, they propose an “interactive show-window”; you have just be on stand in front the terminal (fitted with cam ) and a virtual image (representing a pattern or decoration…) is surimposed on the real one of you.

MAGIC MIRRORFinally, with the two previous companies, we note the “Magic mirror” which can be a major innovation in field of clothing.
Imagine you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt and you want to know what you would look like with short sleeves shirt; so you have just to be on stand in front of the mirror and the computer generate a nude pair of arms; we realize easily the scope such applications in clothing area and elsewhere.
the actual application are developped with the AR development kit of Total Immersion.

When Press Magazine plays with AR

The men’s magazine Esquire, dedicated its cover of the December edition to the actor Robert Downey Jr.,on this occasion the magazine propose an AR (Augmented Reality) Issue including several AR experiences for the reader.

Choice was made for big black & white markers on each targeted page of the magazine, and for exe download with no clear information of the Publisher in the Windows dialog box. (download from Esquire website) So far, the interaction with the content is very simple and having celebrities involved in these kind of initiatives is always exciting.

Another style of AR experience, with www.instyle.com (belongs to Time Inc) and still involving celebrities … This time, we have marker less technology – your webcam will track nice images directly from the magazine – and you download a well identified pluggin (ActiveX in a browser).

Who will be next ? Which magazine ? Which celebrity ? Let me know your thoughts …

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