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3D California: Products


logo-total-immersion D’Fusion® software is designed for many different uses ranging from high end theme park attractions to mainstream web applications, at home. Digital marketing campaigns can be run on a range of devices from a mobile handset to a standard PC.
Unlike open source technology, D’Fusion® tracking does not require black & white markers, and allows for robust tracking of 2D and 3D objects. Existing documents and products can be adapted for augmented reality applications, eliminating the need to create from scratch.
3dvia-logo Whether you’re developing for online, PC, or large-scale interactive digital mock-ups, use 3DVIA Virtools and 3DVIA Studio to deliver graphically stunning, interactive real-time experiences for consumers or professionals.
Laster Technologies’ patented core technology is the result of intensive collaborative development work with the Institut d’Optique and Université Paris XI over several years.
Today, EnhancedViewTM technology can present any type of information (text, image, video, 3D file, etc.) on a simple transparent lens.

EnhancedViewTM technology is based on the special curvature of a semi-reflecting lens, which collimates a multicoloured image into the user’s field of vision. The special properties of the glass lens allows a wide field for the enhanced view (the standard is 40° x 30°) and the image resolution exceeds 800 x 600 pixels.

It is equivalent to viewing a floating screen with 90 cm (34”) diagonal at 1 metre or a screen with the diagonal approximately 270 cm (88”) seen from 3 metres!


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