Laster Technologies’ products


This product is designed for professionals, and consists of a single EnhancedViewTM ocular mounted on a frame.  Using it, the user can view all the displayed information relating to complex operations.

The Pro Mobile Display provides a display equivalent to a 34’’ screen viewed at a distance of 1 m and can be combined with appropriate hardware and software plug-ins for navigation, enhanced view display, or teamwork.

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The SmartVisionTM product consists of a pair of spectacles incorporating EnhancedViewTM technology which can be linked to most commonly available IT sources such as mobile telephones, PDAs, portable DVD Players, Laptops and Netbooks, and Games Consoles.

The SmartVisionTM spectacles provide a new and exciting experience of entertainment media in a rewarding mobile environment.







Informative See-Through Googles MG1

This product is designed for professionals to develop applications that will leverage a built-in camera, as well as wireless capabilities.

Applications will also enable visualization of GPS data.

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