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When your digital life feeds your augmented ID

Often in some place dedicated to do business networking, we have few time to get in touch with people. Elsewhere  people don’t always wear some visible elements  allowing to identify them (badge, business card..).
What if you could simply get  some augmented information about  people you briefly meet on an event ?

We can imagine efficient features for a mobile application based on the principle of augmented reality to allow you to capture the “enlarged identity” (Identity) of the people you meet.
Reversely your Augmented ID may be captured by others.

With such a system, you are not defined only by your name and function,…but also by some of your activities in your digital life.

Look at this video to figure out what application developers are preparing for us.

Do you think this is useful today and it will be more and more common within next few years ? What do you think about people sharing more information about them at first glance with another fellow ?

Futur of social networking with AR

A presentation by Matthew Buckland, GM of Publishing & Social Media at 24.com

“The Storytellers Sandbox”, an amazing experience merging creativity, technology and fun

An interactive experience proposed by Disney during D23 Expo, which consists in a video projection system on a sandbox where a simple movement or position detection feature enables interactivity with end users. While many similar systems have already been set up in the past – in exhibitions, malls, or venues – projection surface is usually a flat floor or a table, or water. Here, choosing a sandbox as the projection surface makes the experience more engaging and fun – and maybe helps remember few nice moments when you were a kid J.

Only good scenarios take advantage of good technology ideas and it looks like this one is interesting. What do you think ?

Improve the shopper experience thanks to augmented reality

augmentéRASurimpose information from computer to visual fied in real time become a reality in Japan. The goal is to improve and enriched the shopper experience. Several firms are testing such devices.
Toppan Printing Co Ltd provide a dedicated terminal, allowing for example to improve signage and items information, or even to locate a store around. It’s very simple : the consumer has just to show his product in front the Terminal cam, which recognize the product package and return a 3D augmented display of the product with its description.
Supplementary application making the link between physical and virtual world : the QR code technology
You can shoot the QR codes with your mobile phone and you have just to show QR at camera (the one of the Toppan dedicated terminal) to get, some samples of associated product.

Other example with Sony Music Communications Inc and Sky&Road Co Ltd, they propose an “interactive show-window”; you have just be on stand in front the terminal (fitted with cam ) and a virtual image (representing a pattern or decoration…) is surimposed on the real one of you.

MAGIC MIRRORFinally, with the two previous companies, we note the “Magic mirror” which can be a major innovation in field of clothing.
Imagine you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt and you want to know what you would look like with short sleeves shirt; so you have just to be on stand in front of the mirror and the computer generate a nude pair of arms; we realize easily the scope such applications in clothing area and elsewhere.
the actual application are developped with the AR development kit of Total Immersion.

When Press Magazine plays with AR

The men’s magazine Esquire, dedicated its cover of the December edition to the actor Robert Downey Jr.,on this occasion the magazine propose an AR (Augmented Reality) Issue including several AR experiences for the reader.

Choice was made for big black & white markers on each targeted page of the magazine, and for exe download with no clear information of the Publisher in the Windows dialog box. (download from Esquire website) So far, the interaction with the content is very simple and having celebrities involved in these kind of initiatives is always exciting.

Another style of AR experience, with www.instyle.com (belongs to Time Inc) and still involving celebrities … This time, we have marker less technology – your webcam will track nice images directly from the magazine – and you download a well identified pluggin (ActiveX in a browser).

Who will be next ? Which magazine ? Which celebrity ? Let me know your thoughts …

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