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When your digital life feeds your augmented ID

Often in some place dedicated to do business networking, we have few time to get in touch with people. Elsewhere  people don’t always wear some visible elements  allowing to identify them (badge, business card..).
What if you could simply get  some augmented information about  people you briefly meet on an event ?

We can imagine efficient features for a mobile application based on the principle of augmented reality to allow you to capture the “enlarged identity” (Identity) of the people you meet.
Reversely your Augmented ID may be captured by others.

With such a system, you are not defined only by your name and function,…but also by some of your activities in your digital life.

Look at this video to figure out what application developers are preparing for us.

Do you think this is useful today and it will be more and more common within next few years ? What do you think about people sharing more information about them at first glance with another fellow ?

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