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Total Immersion elected as one of the 7 technologies that will improve your life

Pride is an essential part of a sales job. Being proud to deliver products of services that can change the way people live is a major incentive in a sales guy everyday life. But when it comes to 3D software and products, pride just reaches a new dimension.

3D application vendors are not just regular vendors. 3D apps vendors sell apps that change the way we live. Applications that change the way you live.

Remember, for example, CAD/CAM software ? Such 3D applications have revolutionized the automotive and aeronautics industry. 20 or 30 years before, designers would have to spend hours on paper and pen to create products, engineers would spend days to manufacture those products based on drawings, support engineers would spend month to test products before the sales process begin. In these industries, 3D has just changed the way it goes, from design to manufacturing and support.

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Bring zest to your ideas in 3D!

We live in a 3D world.  No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, 3D is what your life context is made of. Let’s try to imagine what you, my reader, are IRL (in real life).

Are you a teacher? Come one, everybody knows classrooms have 3 dimensions. Mathematics, sports, physis, are all domains where 3 dimensions are generally required. And even students can differentiate depth from the two other dimensions.

Are you a pilot?  For sure you would explain your plane to move in all 3 dimensions!

A furniture designer? No need to ask, you know more than anyone what dimensions are related toour vision of space and decoration.

And so on…

Jus becuase 3D is in our everyday life, more and more companies are moving to 3D in their own processes, or in the way they deal with their customers. The misture of 3D virtual worlds with the real world, the possibility that recente technologies offer, make this challenge even more affordable.

3D California is devoted to help companies embrace this all new 3D world. With the help of modern way of communication, I am going to take you on a long, very long trip, with wonderful stuff to watch, experience and feel.

Are you ready for this trip?

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