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Towards Augmented Olympic Games

Vancouver 2010 Winter Games are the olympic edition with the largest social media coverage: from Facebook to Twitter, everybody’s talking about sports in Vancouver, throughout the world. Both media companies and individuals are enthousiastic at sharing information, pushing new statuses or encouraging their idols.

In this social mediatized world, Yahoo! is probably one of the most visible companies, with its FanCouver initiative on Flickr, Twitter and other medias. But the most impressive idea was developped by Total Immersion and Helios Interactive Technology . Their A/R demo based on face tracking features clearly illustrates an innovative way to integrate users / consumers / fans to a brand new kind of experience.

This demo opens a wide spectrum of application, from fashion to online games. Imagine you could compete (in realtime?) with the fastest skiers or dress with the trendiest ski clothing like Lindsay Vonn? Augmented Reality is not science fiction anymore, it is raw science at reach of hand.

Augmented user manuals

Like most geeks do, Mac Slocum says most user manuals are worthless: they usually display poorly written text and confusing diagrams. Although I don’t have such a negative point of view, I must admit that most user manuals don’t match the same quality level as the products they are delivered with, especially products designed abroad with user manuals poorly translated…

Of course, there are many reasons why user manuals are poorly written and designed: most users don’t read them anymore.

  • First, most products provide the kind of user interfaces that do not require users to spend hours reading their user manual. Phones, cameras, TVs or cars have very nice and intuitive user interfaces, that most users can understand the moment they touch it.
  • Second, there is a kind of general acceptance about product user interface standards: even if hardware look different, the embedded software makes product look very similar. There is not much difference between two Android or two Windows mobile cellphone: they share the same operating system, and can share the same apps.
  • Third, why should a company spend dollar in massive redactional efforts while social media and user generated content will provide most users with the level of information they require: how to activate this feature, how to get rid of that one, or how to develop a product expertise, through blogs, forums or online videos?

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Social media, augmented reality and shopping

The San Francisco Gate reports that two companies are using augmented reality and social networks to help shoppers try their new clothes online. Interactive markting agency Zugara helped Fashionista to develop an application that allows consumers to see clothes projected onto their bodies on screen.

In his post, Ray Kim explains that augmented reality -(AR) - the ability to mix virtual images with real objects – can tremendously change the shopping habits. Dozens of apps have been developped on top of iPhone or Android platforms,, because these smartphones provide the specific code layers that AR applications need in order to perform correctly.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, just have a look at this short video.
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